We thought it would be good to provide a bit of extra detail and art descriptions for each of the player characters. This way, fans of the show could have some idea of how we envisaged our characters, as well as get a bit more back story, where there is some.

We have also included a bit of background on the players involved. Not everyone wants to share, but those who do have given information.

Ashriel Menelrana,
Played by Ash

Belry Picle, First Apostle,
Played by Ben

Korgrath & Pup,
Played by Nikoli

Rivane Winterwisp,
Played by Ellie

Stilgar Shadowblade,
Played by Jon

Tensho Mann,
Played by Graham

The Unnamed Rogue,
Played by Dragon

Past Characters

Nexxis Iliren,
Played by Ildi

Played by Dan