Ashriel Menelrana – Character Profile


Ashriel is the educated elf of the party.

The Menelrana family have been falconers for generations, (these are elven generations, so that is a very long time) and the meaning of their family name comes from their birds. The birds they raise and train are highly intelligent and to have one of the Menelrana Raptors (bird variety) as a companion is seen as a mark of status among the lords of the elven nation where they live.
However, Ashriel was always more interested in books than the family business, so her Grandfather arranged for her to attend the Mage Academy. She was amazed at the size of their library and immersed herself in her studies. She was travelling back to her family’s estate for the holiday when she met the rest of the group and was sucked into their adventures.

Art Description

Ashriel is fairly young, as elves go; about the equivalent of late teens/early twenties in human terms.
She has typical green eyes, long pointed ears and long, black hair which is usually kept in a braid, for convenience. Wisps of hair frequently escape and are repeatedly tucked back behind her ears.
She is slightly short sighted, but since she is most commonly found with her nose in a book this is not really a problem.


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