The Unnamed Rogue – Character Profile


The rogue to whom we have no name is a half-orc with a penchant for knives.

She was raised near a rural, farming village to which her family had close relations as her father worked as a skilled handyman within the community. She absorbed many of her mother’s orcish traits without realising these were deemed unusual to their human neighbours; a joy in physical movement and a drive to be involved and dynamic to a degree much despised in the young village women.

When her mother died, her father persuaded her to take the news to her maternal grandparents. While they grieved their daughter’s death, they struggled with the human qualities of their granddaughter. In turn, she struggled with their differing view of the world and their engrained moralities.
Despondent and uncertain, she returned home to her father but struggled to settle back in to her home. Taking her father’s advice, once more, she set out to travel and develop her own way of living in a mostly human world.
Utilising her orcish talents in sneaking and weapon-use, becoming a moral mercenary presented itself as the obvious choice.

Art Direction

5′ 10″ : Strong, robust build, though not overly muscular.
Brown-ish skin with green highlights that show in the sun.
She has no visible tusks, though her teeth are tougher than humans and her incisors are particularly robust.
She likely has dark hair [brown?] though it is nearly always concealed beneath a hood, so no-one can be sure.

Her black leathers are dusty and carefully presented to avoid being shiny.
A belt around her hips holds many daggers; lizard-teeth daggers being more easy to hand, with a large snake-fang dagger close on right-hand side. On the back of the belt is a coiled up whip.
A pair of short throwing dagger are attached to each of her boots.


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